How high schools calculate GPA?

question by Eric : How high schools calculate GPA? I live in Florida as schools calculate GPA is determined by the end of semester grades or grades? If semester whats the top of the end of the year grades? Best answer:

response from WAS!? has
A = 4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 F = 0Addieren the numbers from the various grades you and divide by how many numbers you get the GPA. At the end of the year two semester GPA has to figure out your annual GPA receive guests and also to see if you make all the classes that you failed to graduate. In addition to this very important, not really for high school, but even more important for the college / university, they are the ones who are really interested $ index. My grades are A, C, C, B, A, D, C = 4 +2 +2 +3 +4 +1 +2 = 18/7grades = 2.40 GPa = Average grade of “C +” in this term and in my first semester I know so average of 2.60 2.60 (first semester) + 2.40 (second semester) = 5.00 / 2 = 2.50 semester GPA for this year it better? Have your own answer in the comments!

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