How do I calculate accumulative GPA?

question by Casey icon confused How do I calculate accumulative GPA? How do I calculate accumulative GPA am I am currently a senior with a 3.918 GPA (after the first semester). We do not have the 3rd Quarter report cards, but I asked all my teachers and they all said, I got an A, my third GPA w rde? Be a 4.4 (because I have 2 AP classes). Will this bring me an accumulative GPA of at least 3.918 on a 4.0? (Or actually, what should be my GPA?) If I get a 4.0 after the third Quarter I will be valedictorian! So I m RIGHTS? Really know if I have a good chance! I wei? not how the school calculates it, because I’m pretty sure it’s somehow complicated (I’ve manyyy M? possibilities tried). Help Best Answer:

response from eri
Suppose you have the same number of credits per semester. The hei t, w your GPA? Re (3.918 + 4.4 * 7 * 1) / 8 = 3.98. Sorry, not quite there.

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